Parent Information



Term 1, week 5 (pdf 1896 KB)A fortnightly newsletter (see 'Newsletters' link above for latest and recent issues) is sent home with the eldest child in the family on Tuesday.  This newsletter outlines school news, planning, events and reports on activities throughout the school. The newsletter is also available on our website, our phone app (see 'News' link above for details on how to access this) and can also be sent via email if requested. When required we have additional newsletters to inform parents of aspects of school programs, policy or organisation.

Radio Newsletter

Each newsletter week our school captains and prefects present our school news on local community radio station MAX FM (91.3) at approximately 9:30am.

School Handbooks

Our school handbooks provide information about many of the programs and activities we offer. They are a valuable source of information about our school.

School Handbook (pdf 969 KB)

Absence Slips

Absence Slip (pdf 28 KB) for use when advising the school of student absences.

Enrolling at Narrabri West

Information about how to enrol at Narrabri West can be found on our Enrolment page.

Our School Uniform

More Information about our school uniform can be found on our Uniforms page.

Price List & Order Form (pdf 112 KB)

School Uniform Range (pdf 662 KB)

School Fete

Our annual school fete is a highlight of the year, a major community event and our main fundraiser. it is held in either August or September and new helpers on the organising committee are always welcome.