Pre School

Pre School

Narrabri West Public School Pre School

Our Pre School operates on a full day session basis. Children attend Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday, with each group attending on alternate Wednesdays, creating a five day fortnight pattern. The children attend for the full year prior to Kindergarten enrolment.

We provide a program which enables the individual child to develop their natural curiosity to learn about themselves and the world around them. To do this we employ developmentally appropriate play experiences and activities based on the children's interests and abilities at the time. We take into account the child's previous experiences and their individual needs and differences, and from this, an appropriate program is devised. It will include activities such as painting, drawing, pasting, collage, block building, puzzles, group games, music, movement, stories, role playing, sand and water play and other outdoor activities.

Pre School Placements

Expressions of Interest for a Pre School placement should be completed and returned to Narrabri West Public School's main office (not the Pre School). An initial round of placements is made at the end of Term 3 each year. Placements are made based of Department of Education and Communities eligibility guidelines. All families will be advised of the results of the placement process. Those children not gaining a placement will be placed on a waiting list.

In recent years we have had significantly more applications than places available. Our Pre School can cater for a maximum of 20 children in each of its two sessions.


PS Expression of Interest (pdf 143 KB)

PS Handbook (pdf 711 KB)